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  1. HTTP Load testing with Tsung

    After developing a web application we have to test performance. And regarding the result we need to improve the api. Now lets see how we can test a restful api using Tsung. Tsung is a erlang based application to test http, xmpp, mqtt or any other tc…


  2. Use Erlang on Embedded System (RaspberryPi)

    Assume you have a debian based system (Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu LXDE etc) ready, Now in /etc/apt/sources.list add deb jessie contrib Then wget…

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  3. How To : EMQ plugin development

    EMQ is a MQTT broker written in Erlang. The broker is opensource and licensed under Apache 2. EMQ broker has plugin support to extend features of the broker. Such that, EMQ broker has a web dashboard to handle administrative task which is actually a…

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