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  1. Getting started with Kotlin Native

    Kotlin's one of the most attractive feature is Kotlin-Native. What's Kotlin-Native ? Ok. Kotlin-Native is a feature in which you will be able to run kotlin application without JVM. Cool ;) To get kotlin native support you have to install kotlin nati…

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  2. Why I perfer Kotlin over Java for Android

    First you should know what is kotlin. Ok, Kotlin is a JVM based statically typed programming language developed by JetBrains. Now you may what to know whom are JetBrains ? Well, JetBrains is the creator of Intellj Idea, PhyCharm & few other awes…

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  3. Steak Inside || Java Inside

    Steak Inside is a burger item made with a large piece of chicken, cheese and other things. I am a big fan of it. Ah, this is not our today's topic. Today we will discuss about what is inside Java ? How everything happens inside Java ? If you are fami…

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