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  1. Experimenting Uber Like Application Architecture

    Hello, Good people. Hope you all are fine. You may hear about Uber, Grab, Pathao or other ride sharing applications. If you are curious you may be interested to know how this applications work. Today I am going to write on this. This is not how exact…

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  2. Building custom push notification service with MQTT

    MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol specially designed for IOT by IBM. MQTT works on Publish-Subscribe Model. Facebook & WhatsApp uses MQTT for their messaging engine. Well, In the tutorial I am going to…

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  3. Angular2 with MQTT

    In package.json add, "ng2-mqtt": "^0.1.2" npm install it will install dependencies. Now in your component or class import, import {Paho} from 'ng2-mqtt/mqttws31'; Now do whatever you want to do. Like, import {Paho} from 'ng2-mqtt/mqttws31'; expo…

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  4. How To : EMQ plugin development

    EMQ is a MQTT broker written in Erlang. The broker is opensource and licensed under Apache 2. EMQ broker has plugin support to extend features of the broker. Such that, EMQ broker has a web dashboard to handle administrative task which is actually a…

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  5. How to : Setup MQTT cluster with HAProxy

    What's up good people ? Hope well. Ok, Few days back was trying to setup MQTT cluster server and choose HAProxy to use as load balancer. This is a short guide how I managed everything. I have 3 server from digital ocean (vps service provider). Ass…

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